Tibiao Fish Spa

F2.8 1/40S ISO500

Relieve your tired and calloused feet by paying a visit to the Tibiao Fish Spa, located along the national highway. The experience is sure to rejuvenate your weary feet, relax your senses, and make for an interesting story to share to all your friends.

Using locally bred “Therafish”, a visit to the spa will definitely provide you with a relaxing sensation as hundreds of little fish nibble the callouses and cuticles from your feet.

To enjoy fish spa, dip your feet into a pool filled with fish that nibble away dead skin to leave feet clean, soft and smooth. The flesh eating fish is safe for all ages since they only nibble the dead layer of the skin and leave healthy skin to grow. The most that one can feel is a irresistible tickling sensation when the fish comes in contact with the bather’s feet. The action of the fish stimulates acupuncture points on the feet thereby improving blood circulation and overall physical wellness.

The Tibiao Fish Spa has different types of fish pools to offer. The beginner pool is filled with small fish, which gently nibble on the layers of dead skin cells. You can head over to the extreme pool for the heavy duty work of removing callouses and thicker patches of skin by medium and large size of fishes . They also offer a whole-body fish spa and a mobile fish spa service for clients who want to bring the fish spa to their special occasions or in the comfort of their own residences.

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One thought on “Tibiao Fish Spa

  1. I think I experienced that beginner pool thing somewhere in Tagaytay and it just made me laugh all throughout the session. Good to know that there are bigger ones that bite of callouses. That’s the one I think I need.


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